CP Fasteners


UNF Bright Zinc Plated Set Screws, Nuts & Washer Restoration Pack

 over 400 pieces 

CP Fasteners UNF Restoration Pack represents value and quality for money, the pack has been researched to provide a selection of the most common fastener sizes for use on any Classic motor vehicle that employs UNF threaded fasteners.

We have all spent many hours listing the fasteners that we need for a specific task we have in hand, then we realize that we forgot to buy one certain type! With the CP Fasteners UNF Restoration Pack it is a convenient boxed pack to have to hand when restoring any Classic vehicle or just upgrading existing fasteners

Unlike some packs, our restoration pack offers a top quality assortment of Grade 5 (8.8) high-tensile steel fasteners selected from our full extensive range.

The contents are presented in a refillable plastic box that can be easily stored on a shelf ready for use, we also offer labeled individual bags to enable you to “re-stock” your storage box, these are available direct from CP Fasteners

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