CP Fasteners


Dedicated Fixing Kits 

Various numbers of components depending on criteria  

Currently you have to reference with the aid of parts catalogues, source, decipher, and list your requirements, but with CP Fasteners service this pain staking task would have been completed and the parts would be provided as a dedicated kit. Our aim is to provide indivduals the correct kit for a specfic section of a restoration project or to enable a purchase of fasteners knowing none have been forgotten.

 CP Fasteners Dedicated Kits have been researched and developed using data from the original OEM parts listing to provide the correct quantity and sizes for various requirements on your vehicle.

Our current range offers kits for MG, Triumph, Morris, Land Rover and in development are many other OEM’s including Lotus, Ford , Jaguar and  VW


Each CP Fasteners Dedicated Kit has been assembled using Grade 5 (8.8) high-tensile steel fasteners

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